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Sugar Babylon, Courtney Love's first band, formed circa 1981 in Portland, Oregon. Aside from Love, the band included Love's best friends at the time --
Ursula Wehr and Robin Barbur -- both of whom were prominent figures in the punk rock scene in Portland around the time of Sugar Babylon's formation. Love met Wehr at The Met, a new wave-based gay bar where Wehr worked. Up until that time, Love described herself as "disturbingly mute" and that "hanging around with bitchy drag queens and with Ursula and Robin" was what made her "find her inner bitch and run with it."1

Though the band's aspirations were high -- going so far as to get professionally photographed Jon Sievert2 as well as being photographed by an indie photographer for a local fanzine -- the band was not productive whatsoever. Most of their rehearsal sessions -- which Ursula Wehr claims consisted of "drinking coffee at Denny's [and] getting together and drinking a lot of wine"3 -- were more focused on the future of the band, as well as leaving partway through rehearsals to visit thrift stores.

After only a few weeks together, the band disbanded. Ursula Wehr then fronted punk band Portland Candy 500.

no recordings are circulating or known to exist


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