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* Sugar Babydoll

Sugar Babydoll
was Kat Bjelland and Courtney Love's first project as a duo, formed circa 1984 in Portland, Oregon. Though the band originally formed under the title of Love's former band Sugar Babylon, the band later changed their name to avoid confusion. Aside from Bjelland and Love, the band included the pair's mutual friend, Jennifer Finch, on bass and an unknown drummer named Pandora. Bjelland had met Love at the Satyricon in early 1984 and asked her to form a band, however, Bjelland was unsure due to the fact that Love couldn't play an instrument. Finch had met Love through her then-boyfriend Jeff Mann. The name "Sugar Babydoll" was conceived from a logo on a t-shirt worn by Finch's friend Sandy White's brother, who was later convicted for killing a child molester while wearing the shirt.1

After no success in the Portland music scence, the band relocated to San Francisco, California in June 1985 as Love believed that a "a big musical explosion would happen in either San Francisco or Seattle."
2 Finch joined back up with the band after graduating from high school. Two weeks after moving to San Francisco, the apartment Love, Bjelland and Finch shared burnt down. The band then relocated to another apartment and began rehearsing. Inspired by new wave and dream pop bands like Cocteau Twins, the band recorded their first and only demo tape in 1985.

However, an internal feud began between Bjelland and Love shortly after the band's first and only show.
3 Love used to experiment by putting amphetamines (speed) in tea which then developed in to a heroin habit. Her habit -- along with her lack of musical experience -- led her to become more concerned with "hanging out and having fun" and get high before and during rehearsals. Bjelland and Finch grew tired of Love's antics -- so much so that Finch once threw her bass across the room at Love -- and this subsequently led to the break-up of the band. Jennifer Finch later went on to play bass for L7.


  • one demo tape, 1985

    Hole's one-time label Sympathy for the Record Industry were due to release this tape in 2004.
this recording is not circulating


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