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* Italian Whorenuns

The Italian Whorenuns was Kat Bjelland's final musical project before forming Babes in Toyland. Formed circa 1986, the band featured former Pagan Babies' members Janis Tanaka on bass and Deirde Schletter on drums. The band was short-lived and only managed to perform a handful of shows and record one demo.

Leaving the new wave/dream pop sound of Sugar Babydoll and the Pagan Babies, the Italian Whorenuns were much more punk-orientated with hardcore influences. Some songs written by the band were later reworked as Babes in Toyland songs.

Produced by Michael Moreira, the complete demo recording is rumoured to contain seven songs. The band disbanded shortly after. Bjelland went on to move to Minneapolis, Minnesota and formed Babes in Toyland. Janis Tanaka went on to perform as a session musician, working with such acts as Pink and L7.


  • one demo tape, 1985
    Known tracks: "You Got It", "I Hate You"

    Circulated online in 2005, sourced from a third generation copy of the master cassette
    A complete version, sourced from a second generation copy, is pending transfer.

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